Here are some questions you may encounter.

“The official website of PromeAI (https://www.promeai.com/) has permanently upgraded to a new domain due to a high volume of traffic. The new domain is https://www.promeai.pro/, where users can continue to access PromeAI’s services and enjoy an enhanced experience. Membership information will be retained, and we are committed to providing better service through this upgrade.”

We only accept JPG, PNG, and WebP formats. Currently, we do not support HEIC, as well as some formats exported by other software, such as SketchUp files (.skp), CAD files (.dwg), and 3D files (.3ds). Although we are currently developing support for these formats, for now, you must convert these files to JPG format before uploading.

Generated content is not made publicly available in our gallery. It remains private to you until you choose to share it. Only when you explicitly click on the “share” option will other users be able to view the content.

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We accept payments through credit cards or debit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, as well as PayPal and AliPay. However, we do not accept cryptocurrencies.

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PromeAI uses its own AI model pipeline (a fine-tuned model based on Diffusion and ControlNet algorithms). These models are trained with high fidelity. We are constantly improving these models, training them on better and more realistic datasets, to bring you better images!

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it helps us improve the website and make sure it is professional and user-friendly. You can submit the issue to tech@promeai.com and we will take immediate action to fix any errors on the website. If possible, please add some description and screenshots of the issue.

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