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What is PromeAI?

PromeAI is an AI image generation platform that can create new images from text prompts and input images. It enables the creation of various forms of art, from realistic to abstract, and provides one-stop industry solutions for architectural design, interior design, product design, e-commerce, and more.

The website allows users to create and share AI-generated art, and offers an easy-to-use visual dashboard to simplify the image creation process for new users. It provides easy access to fine-tuned stable diffusion models and ControlNet to help users achieve the desired look.

You can find all the features offered in the product list.

What is the goal of LibAI Lab, the development team of PromeAI?

LibAI is a leading organization committed to advancing the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence, with a focus on research and development in computer vision and language modeling. By leveraging innovative technologies, we unlock productivity and improve people’s lives, helping to solve global challenges and drive human progress forward.
As a socially responsible company, we are dedicated to ensuring that the development of AI is centered around safety and human needs. We value diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and our investments in these areas are ongoing. We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of AI are widely shared.
LibAI is building an open AI toolset that uses collective intelligence and advanced technologies to design and implement solutions. Currently, our offerings include PromeAI, a generative AI image website, cutout.pro, a computer vision and image segmentation website, and immerse.zone, a reverse image search engine.

We have also developed...

In addition to PromeAI, our team has developed a range of websites, mobile/desktop applications, and various website plugins. You may have already heard of some of them:

Cutout.Pro is a leading SaaS company leveraging AI technology to specialize in image and video processing and generation. Our primary objective is to empower businesses and individuals with robust tools that enable them to create captivating visuals for branding, marketing, and personal purposes.

immerse.zone logo

Immerse.zone is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of finding information about an image. By uploading the image or entering its URL, you can utilize the reverse image search engine to effortlessly discover relevant details associated with the image.

vivid logo

Vivid offers a range of mobile applications, such as Vivid, Vivid ID, Vivid Focus, Vivid Bot, and Vivid Art. These apps enable you to perform various operations conveniently on your mobile device. You can upload images from your phone gallery and directly process the pictures you capture.