PromeAI: Full Product List and Descriptions (Updated to 2024)

PromeAI's full product list


PromeAI, a leader in AI innovation, proudly presents a diverse product list featuring 11 unique functionalities tailored to today’s tech-savvy market. Our AI solutions are renowned for their advanced capabilities and ease of use, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Focused on continuous improvement, PromeAI’s team of experts is constantly at work expanding our offerings. We ensure that each new product is designed to meet the evolving demands of our users, keeping PromeAI at the cutting edge of technological progress.

Our product list is a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier AI solutions. As we progress, we remain steadfast in our mission to introduce innovative products, solidifying PromeAI’s position as a pivotal force in the AI industry. Choose PromeAI for a smarter, more efficient future.

Full Product List

1. Sketch Rendering

Sketch Rendering is a new feature that is different from simply generating images based on text or input images. Based on unleashing your imagination, you can get your ideal image by setting the overall framework: you cannot simply describe a precise room with language, but you can specify it by uploading a floor plan and, through AI, can realistically restore what the house looks like in reality as much as possible.

In addition to being used for Interior Design, Exterior Design and Architecture Design, it can also be used for doodling, changing styles, Amazon KDP (children’s storybooks), movie storyboarding, etc. Whether you are an interior designer, architect, game developer, anime enthusiast, or product designer, you can get inspiration from it or even directly apply it to your projects.

Currently, there are hundreds of combinations of rendering styles and control intensities available:

Product list
Product list

2. Photo to Sketch

An AI image converter that can convert any photo into a sketch. Whether it’s a black and white sketch or a simple line drawing, this tool can meet your needs. With its powerful features, you can easily convert complex images into simple line drawings, and then you can create secondary creations based on this. You can choose various styles, including classic pencil sketches and modern line drawings, to create a sketch that perfectly captures the essence of your design.

Product list

3. Erase & Replace

This feature is also known as “Inpainting“. It allows you to erase and replace anything in your photos and create stunning AI-generated visual elements. These elements are seamlessly integrated into the original image. You can generate accurate content in the image by inputting text prompts.

This feature is similar to the magic eraser, but with more powerful features. After erasing unwanted objects, it can generate completely different things. For example, you can remove irrelevant people from the background and replace them with street scenery.

Product list

4. Image Variation

Image variation is a powerful tool that enables designers to quickly and easily generate multiple product design versions, enhancing their productivity and creativity. A single image may not showcase all the details, but the generated variations can present creative ideas from different perspectives with the same style and visual elements.

Image variation can offer clients diversified image options, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Website designers can use this tool to choose perfect images that match the website layout, improving the aesthetics and user experience of the website.

5. AI Supermodel

AI supermodels can replace human models and backgrounds in product images at an affordable price. This includes clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, wigs, and more. It can replace expensive commercial shoots.The realistic AI models cover all sizes, ages, genders, and races. This includes plus-size, female lingerie models, child models, elderly models, black models, and more.At the same time as changing the model, the most suitable scene (professional shooting room, beach, scenic spot, skyscraper, etc.) is added.

This enhances the diversity and representativeness of your fashion brand in marketing materials.It is very suitable for clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, ordinary clothing brands, and everyone who needs to quickly and efficiently shoot a large number of SKUs.

6. Background Diffusion

Background Diffusion” helps you easily identify the subject (person, product), extract and replace the background. By inputting simple text (such as “mug on wooden table”), the corresponding background can be generated and seamlessly integrated with the subject, making it an invaluable tool for product photography. This results in stunning product images. No more tedious manual editing or complex software is needed. Our tool simplifies the entire process and gives you immediate results. For E-commerce Design that requires uploading numerous products every day, it greatly saves time and eliminates any copyright risks in the product images generated.

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7. Outpainting

Extend your image beyond the boundaries and create visual elements that seamlessly blend into the original image. Easily create amazing extended images with fine details and various aspect ratios (1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, 16:9) through AI Outpainting. You can choose these ratios online. Save a lot of time and effort by converting one image to sizes suitable for different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.).

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8. Text Effects

Transform your text into stunning, impactful visual elements with text effects. Add depth and creativity to your presentations, social media posts, flyers, or personal messages with an array of stunning effects. Whether you want to make bold statements or add subtle touches, Text Effects have got you covered. You can even upload your logo to get a variant with a different style. Choose from a variety of styles to combine your unique visual creativity with text.

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10. AI Art Generator

The AI Image Generator is a sophisticated tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to convert your creative ideas into vivid digital art. This feature is equipped with a vast array of artistic styles and techniques, allowing users to generate original artwork with a simple input of ideas or sketches. It’s perfect for artists seeking to explore new styles or for those who want to bring their imaginative concepts to life in a digital format. With its capabilities, the tool can be utilized to produce a variety of content, from eye-catching stickers to intricate illustrations, offering a seamless transition from concept to completed digital pieces.

11. AI Relight

AI Relight is a revolutionary feature that provides users with the ability to adjust and refine the lighting within any image. This tool is particularly beneficial for photographers and graphic designers who require precise control over the mood and ambiance of their images. With AI Relight, users can simulate various lighting conditions, enhance shadows and highlights, and achieve a professional look without the need for extensive photo editing skills or equipment.

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12. Image Enhancer

The AI Image Enhancer is designed to breathe new life into your photos by significantly improving their visual quality. This feature utilizes advanced AI algorithms to upscale images, reduce noise, and enhance sharpness, resulting in crisp and clear visuals. It’s an invaluable tool for photographers looking to elevate their portfolio or for anyone who wants to share high-quality images on social media or professional platforms.

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13. AI Video Generator

The AI Video Generator is a cutting-edge tool that enables users to craft dynamic and engaging videos from a series of images or video clips. This feature is particularly useful for content creators, filmmakers, and marketers who want to tell stories or present information in a visually compelling manner. With AI Video Generator, the process of creating videos becomes streamlined, allowing users to focus on the narrative rather than the technicalities of video production.

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14. AI Headshot

The AI Headshot feature is a professional-grade tool that simplifies the process of creating high-quality headshots. It offers a range of customization options, including background removal, lighting adjustments, and facial feature enhancements, ensuring that each portrait is polished and ready for professional use. This feature is a boon for individuals and businesses that require updated headshots for their online profiles or marketing materials.

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15. Image to Video

The Image to Video feature is an innovative tool that transforms a sequence of images into a dynamic video presentation. It’s ideal for creating engaging slideshows, promotional materials, or educational content. With this feature, users can add transitions, text overlays, and even background music to their images, turning a static collection of photos into a storytelling masterpiece.

Product list

Affiliate Program

PromeAI’s Affiliate Program offers a rewarding opportunity to monetize your online presence. By referring customers through your unique link, you can earn a 10% commission on their purchases and subscriptions. With a 60-day cookie duration, you can benefit from long-term referrals, and with a low $100 minimum payout threshold, you can start receiving your earnings quickly. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, consider exploring similar programs from other AI/SaaS platforms as well.

PromeAI's Affiliate Program

PromeAI Academy

At PromeAI Academy, users can access comprehensive video tutorials for every feature found in the PromeAI Product List. Additionally, the platform hosts a collection of videos created by influencers that provide insightful perspectives on PromeAI’s offerings. This resource is perfect for those seeking a deeper understanding of PromeAI’s diverse functionalities.

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