How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo with Midjourney

create professional LinkedIn profile photo


Dani 🇦🇺 AI Aficionado 🤖 Fascinated by the boundless capabilities of AI and its transformative impact on our world 🌍. He created a video detailing how to craft professional LinkedIn profile pictures using Midjourney and other AI tools.

This video outlines a step-by-step guide on creating a professional LinkedIn profile photo using two AI tools: Midjourney and Insight Face Swap. The process involves saving a high-quality photo, using Midjourney with a tailored prompt based on one’s profession, and then using the Face Swap bot on Discord to replace the face in the generated image with the user’s own. Examples are provided using Matt Wolfe‘s photo, demonstrating how to create images for different professional settings, such as banking and law.


What is the main topic of the video?

The main topic of the video is how to create a professional LinkedIn profile photo using two AI tools: MidJourney and InsightFace Swap.

linkedin profile photo

What type of photo should be used for the process?

A high-quality photo with a clear, non-skewed face, similar to a passport photo, should be used for the process.

How does one obtain a photo for the demonstration?

A photo can be obtained by visiting his LinkedIn page and saving the image from there.

What information is added to the photo link before using the MidJourney tool?

A description of the desired professional setting and attire is added to the photo link, such as ‘banking, financial professional employee sitting in a modern corporate head office, wearing a nice suit’.

How does the face swap bot integrate with Discord?

The face swap bot is accessed through the Discord app by clicking the three dots on the right side of the app and selecting the ‘swapper’ option.

linkedin profile photo

What is the final result of using the AI tools as described in the video?

The final result is a professional-looking photo of the user in a setting relevant to their profession, with their face swapped onto a model or person in the original image.

What is the main takeaway from the video?

The main takeaway is that individuals can create professional LinkedIn profile photos for LinkedIn by leveraging AI tools to generate and swap faces in images that match their profession and desired background.

linkedin profile photo

linkedin profile photo

LinkedIn Profile Photo Options: PromeAI vs.

Absolutely, there are alternative AI-powered tools like PromeAI’s AI Headshot and’s ID Photo Maker that can achieve similar results when it comes to crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile photo, such as professional headshot or business portrait.

PromeAI’s AI Headshot excels in providing a high level of detail, giving the impression of a professionally shot image that you might expect from a commercial photography session. This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to refine and enhance the facial features, lighting, and background, resulting in a sophisticated and high-quality headshot that conveys a strong professional image. It’s ideal for those seeking a more polished and corporate look, which is essential for making a great first impression on a LinkedIn profile.

On the other hand,’s ID Photo Maker offers a more streamlined and straightforward approach to creating professional-grade ID photos. This tool is tailored for individuals who prefer a look that is more akin to a formal identification photo but with the professional finesse suitable for a LinkedIn environment. It ensures that the focus remains on the individual, with a clean background and balanced lighting that highlights the person’s features in a crisp and professional manner.

Both of these AI-driven services allow users to input their own photos and then apply various professional settings and adjustments to achieve the desired look. Whether you’re aiming for a LinkedIn profile photo that screams “boardroom ready” with PromeAI’s AI Headshot or a more traditional and crisp professional portrait with’s ID Photo Maker, these tools provide an accessible and efficient way to enhance your online professional presence.

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Let’s dive into a straightforward guide on creating a professional LinkedIn profile photo with the help of AI tools, Midjourney and Insight Face Swap. The process kicks off by heading over to a GitHub page that provides a comprehensive guide and instructions on integrating the AI bot with Discord. Once you’ve set up the bot and it’s ready on Discord, you’ll need a photo to work with. For demonstration, we’ll use Matt Wolfe’s picture from his LinkedIn, a clear and undistorted image, much like what you’d find on a passport.

After saving this image, upload it to Discord to get a direct link. This link is then used in conjunction with Midjourney, where you provide a brief description of your professional background. Midjourney will generate images that match the description, say, “a banking and financial professional,” complete with appropriate attire and background.

When you’ve picked the AI-generated image that best fits your professional vibe, it’s time to use the Insight Face Swap bot. This bot skillfully overlays the facial features from your original photo onto the professional image, creating a personalized yet polished representation of yourself.

The tutorial showcases this process with various scenarios, such as a lawyer in a courtroom, and the presenter also shares their own before-and-after examples. They encourage viewers to play around with the process and share their creations on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

This tutorial not only teaches you how to use AI for professional imagery but also demonstrates how modern technology can effortlessly enhance your digital presence with a touch of personalization and creativity.