How to Craft Stunning Exterior Renders: 3 Key PromeAI-D5 Render Tactics

exterior rendering by PromeAI and D5 Render


In the video, Nuno is featured creating a highly realistic exterior render using D5 Render, a powerful rendering platform. The process begins with inspiration gathering and reference image selection, facilitated by the AI tool, PromeAI. After importing the model, Nuno meticulously adjusts materials and incorporates human elements to enhance the scene’s realism.

Lighting techniques are shared to further improve the render’s visual appeal. Advanced features of PromeAI are also explored to generate specific styles and fine-tune the render. The video concludes with a finished render, demonstrating the synergy between AI tools and D5 Render in producing striking visualizations.

Create A Realistic Exterior Render Using D5 Render And PromeAI

Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva is dedicated to transforming aspiring artists into adept professionals in the field of architectural visualization. He consistently provides comprehensive, step-by-step video guides, along with strategic advice and efficient techniques, to enhance the realism of architectural visualizations and optimize the creative process.

With an extensive background spanning over a decade in 3D artistry, Nuno has, in recent years, specialized in architectural visualization. His career has allowed him the luxury of working from his home office in Portugal, where he has catered to a global clientele. His portfolio includes 3D visualizations for structures that have been constructed and marketed in Canada, the United States, Portugal, and numerous other regions.

Nuno has also made a significant impact in online education, reaching thousands of students through instructional content on his channel and via his premium online courses. His dedication extends beyond just teaching; he is resolved to assist individuals in forging their professional paths and achieving success within the 3D visualization industry.

Exterior Render


PromeAI is an AI tool that assists in generating creative content, such as images and designs, based on user input and selected styles. In the video, the speaker uses PromeAI to gather inspiration and select style references for their project, demonstrating how the tool can blend images and generate new ones based on specific prompts.

Exterior Render

D5 Render

D5 Render is a real-time rendering software used for creating high-quality visual content. In the context of the video, it is the primary tool the speaker uses to create a super realistic exterior rendering visualization. The speaker walks through the process of importing a model into D5 Render and adjusting various settings to achieve a desired aesthetic.

Exterior Render

Real-time Rendering

Real-time rendering refers to the process of generating and displaying visual content at the same time it is being created or modified. This technology is highlighted in the video as the speaker uses D5 Render to make adjustments and see the results immediately, which streamlines the design process and allows for quick iterations.

Exterior Render


Lighting in 3D rendering is crucial for creating a sense of depth, atmosphere, and realism. It involves the manipulation of light sources, their intensity, color, and direction to match the desired mood and environment. The speaker in the video shares lighting tricks, such as adjusting the sun’s intensity and position, to make the scene pop and look more realistic.


What is the main focus?

The main focus of the video is to guide the audience through the process of creating a super realistic exterior rendering using D5 render, starting from gathering inspiration with the help of an AI tool called PromeAI, to finalizing the scene with materials, lighting, and other effects.

How does Nuno Silva begin the process of creating a realistic exterior?

He begins by using an AI tool called PromeAI to gather inspiration and select references for the project. This involves choosing a style and generating images that will serve as a basis for the exterior design.

What are the key features of PromeAI that Nuno Silva utilizes?

Such as sketch to rendering, image variations, and AI image generation to create a variety of styles and moods for the exterior design.

Exterior Render

How does Nuno Silva refine the AI-generated images to match the desired outcome?

He refines the AI-generated images by adjusting the intensity of the chosen style, using the ‘paint’ feature to fill in blank spots, and the ‘erase and replace’ tool to modify specific areas of the image.

What is the significance of the material selection in D5 render?

Material selection in D5 render is significant as it helps bring the scene to life by adding realistic textures and appearances to the model. The speaker chooses materials like glass, black matte metal, frosted glass, and concrete to achieve a desired look for the exterior.

Exterior Render

How does Nuno Silva incorporate snow into the scene?

He incorporates snow into the scene by adding snow materials from both Mega scans and the D5 render library. This includes placing snow assets along the road, on the roof, and adding winter trees with snow on them to match the winter scene.

How does Nuno Silva finalize the scene before rendering?

He finalizes the scene by adding surface imperfections and weathering effects to the building, adjusting the backdrop to match the winter theme, and adding atmospheric effects like fog and volume light to enhance the overall mood and realism.

Exterior Render

What resources does Nuno Silva recommend for further learning on D5 render?

He recommends their own D5 render course, which covers various modules on interiors, exteriors, and animation, for those who want to take a step further in learning about D5 render.


The article delves into the intricate process of creating stunning exterior renders using the dynamic combination of PromeAI and D5 Render, highlighting the expertise of Nuno Silva, a seasoned 3D artist. Exterior rendering is an essential skill in the field of architectural visualization, and this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into elevating one’s work to a professional level.

Nuno Silva’s approach begins with the critical first step of inspiration gathering, where PromeAI’s AI capabilities are leveraged to streamline the selection of reference images and styles. This initial phase sets the foundation for the project, ensuring that the final exterior render is not only aesthetically pleasing but also aligned with the desired creative vision.

The article then transitions into the technical aspects of exterior rendering with D5 Render, emphasizing the importance of material adjustments, lighting techniques, and the incorporation of human elements to enhance realism. Real-time rendering is showcased as a game-changing feature that allows for immediate feedback and iterative improvements, thereby optimizing the workflow and saving valuable time.

Nuno Silva’s dedication to education is evident as he shares his knowledge and resources, including his premium online courses, ensuring that readers have access to the tools and guidance needed to excel in the field. The article concludes by demonstrating the transformative power of combining AI and real-time rendering technologies, resulting in exterior renders that are not only realistic but also imbued with a sense of depth and atmosphere.

In summary, this article serves as a testament to the potential of modern technology in the realm of architectural visualization. It provides a clear and compelling roadmap for artists and designers to master the art of exterior rendering, offering a unique blend of creative inspiration and technical proficiency that is essential for success in today’s competitive market.