Effortless Floor Plan Rendering: Transform Your Blueprints with AI Technology

create architecture floor plan with PromeAI


In this instructional video, viewers witness an AI-powered technique for rendering floor plans crafted in AutoCAD. The process begins with the export of the plan into JPEG and PDF formats. The demonstration then shifts to a web-based AI rendering service, where the user accesses through a Google account. The AI system processes the image, presenting three distinct rendering options.

The video’s creator opts for a particular choice and, addressing the constraints of the service’s free tier, offers a creative solution involving Photoshop. By layering the AI-rendered image over the original PDF and fine-tuning the layers, the creator achieves a polished, professional-grade rendering. The video concludes with a prompt for viewers to engage with the content by liking and subscribing for more informative tutorials.

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How to Render Architecture Floor Plan in 02 minutes

In the context of the script, ‘FL’ refers to a floor plan that the user has created in AutoCAD.

Floor plan

Floor plan is a scaled drawing of a room or building as seen from above. In the context of the video, it is the blueprint of the space that the user has created in AutoCAD, a popular computer-aided design software. The floor plan is the foundation for the rendering process described in the video, as it outlines the layout and design elements of the space to be visualized.

floor plan


AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application used in various fields, including architectural design, engineering, and manufacturing. In the video, the user has utilized AutoCAD to create a floor plan that they intend to render with the help of AI technology.

floor plan


What are the two file formats the user exported the floor plan in?

JPEG and PDF formats.

What is the purpose of exporting the plan in different formats?

Exporting in different formats allows for flexibility in how the plan can be used and shared, as well as compatibility with various software and devices.

Which website does the user visit to render the floor plan using AI?

The user visits a website by typing ‘PromeAI‘ in their web browser to render the floor plan using AI.

floor plan

How does the AI rendering process work with PromeAI?

The AI rendering process involves uploading the JPEG of the floor plan, selecting an interior design option, choosing the ‘precise’ render mode, and then generating an image based on the AI’s processing of the uploaded plan.

What is the limitation of the free version of the AI rendering service?

The limitation of the free version is that the generated image is blurry and cannot be downloaded. It only allows for viewing the rendered options on the website.

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What is the ‘hack’ the user suggests for those not willing to purchase the membership?

The ‘hack’ involves taking a screenshot of the rendered image on the website, saving it, and then using Photoshop to overlay the blurry image onto the original high-resolution PDF, effectively combining the detailed PDF with the AI-rendered appearance.

Why does the user suggest using Photoshop to combine the blurry AI-rendered image with the original PDF?

This is done to maintain the clarity and detail of the original PDF while adding the AI-rendered visual elements, which is not possible with the free version of the AI rendering service.

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What is the final step in the process after the user is satisfied with the rendering?

The final step is to save the combined image as a JPEG, which now contains both the detailed floor plan and the AI-rendered design elements.

How does the user’s method save time compared to traditional rendering processes?

The user’s method saves time by leveraging AI to quickly generate rendering options and then using a clever workaround in Photoshop to combine these options with the original detailed plan, eliminating the need for manual rendering and editing.

What is the main takeaway?

The main takeaway is that by using a combination of AI rendering services and Photoshop, one can quickly and efficiently render a floor plan without the need for extensive manual work or purchasing a premium membership to the AI service.

PromeAI Gallery: Showcase of Exceptional Floor Plan Visualizations

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The article provides a comprehensive guide on leveraging AI technology with PromeAI to render floor plans created in AutoCAD. It outlines a streamlined process that begins with exporting the plan in JPEG and PDF formats, utilizing the AI service for rendering, and overcoming the limitations of the free version with a Photoshop workaround. This method not only saves significant time compared to traditional rendering methods but also allows for professional-quality outputs without the need for a premium subscription. The article concludes by showcasing the potential of AI in revolutionizing architectural visualization, making it more accessible and efficient for users at all levels.