Advanced Midjourney Prompt Guide for Architecture and Landscape Design

midjourney prompt guide for architecture

LandSpace Architecture

LandSpace Architecture, a YouTube channel dedicated to Landscape Architecture Tutorials, is your go-to destination for fun, creative, and planet-saving design ideas. This channel is all about transforming the way we approach landscape architecture, one engaging drawing at a time. With a rallying cry of “Let’s create fun landscape architecture drawings and save our planet by our design!!”, LandSpace Architecture is not just educational; it’s a movement.

For those looking to expedite their design process, LandSpace Architecture offers a one-stop-shop for all your project acceleration needs. The channel also encourages inspiration sharing and community engagement through its website and its vibrant Instagram page, where you can find a treasure trove of visual inspiration and connect with like-minded design enthusiasts.

In an upcoming episode, the YouTuber will delve into the innovative use of a prompt guide for architecture and landscape design to enhance the image generation capabilities of Midjourney. This is set to be an enlightening session for viewers, showcasing how strategic prompt crafting can elevate the quality of AI-generated visuals, taking landscape and architectural designs to new heights of aesthetic and functional excellence.


This video guide offers advanced tips for creating high-quality architecture renderings using Midjourney AI. It advises avoiding common prompt creation mistakes and suggests using a simple formula that combines project type, architectural style, and specific details for more accurate outputs.

The video showcases how mentioning renowned architects or styles can influence the AI’s design, and how tweaking prompts with additional features or combining styles can lead to unique results. It also covers rendering styles, model creation, landscape design, and master planning, emphasizing the importance of clear, concise prompts and the potential of AI in revolutionizing visual content creation.

Architecture Midjourney prompts guidebook:

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prompt guide

Embark on an extensive exploration with a 100+ page compendium dedicated to mastering Midjourney for creating architectural, landscape, urban, and interior designs. This treasure trove of knowledge delves into the realms of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and interior decoration, offering you a comprehensive guide to articulate your design visions.

Discover the art of describing forms, textures, lighting, dimensions, stylistic elements, and beyond through Midjourney’s sophisticated natural language generation model. This in-depth guide is replete with practical examples that illustrate how carefully crafted prompts can unlock the door to photorealistic AI-generated designs across various design disciplines.

Each section of the guide is thoughtfully curated to enhance your understanding and application of Midjourney’s capabilities. From the intricate details of a prompt guide for architecture and landscape design to the broader strokes of urban and interior spaces, this resource ensures you are well-equipped to translate your creative ideas into visually stunning and accurate representations.

The guide not only serves as a manual for leveraging Midjourney’s technology but also as a source of inspiration, showcasing the endless possibilities that can be achieved by combining your design expertise with the power of AI. With this comprehensive guide by your side, you are invited to push the boundaries of design and bring your most ambitious projects to life.

Video Content


0:19 Part I – Common mistakes when creating prompts
0:31 Part II – Use midjourney v5 or V5.1 not v4(advanced user can skip this part)
0:43 Part III – Keep prompt simpleby using the formula
3:41 Part IV – Rendering styles
5:05 Part V – Landscape design
5:52 Part VI – Masterplan

Q&A: How can a prompt guide assist Midjourney in generating higher quality images?

What common mistakes should be avoided when creating prompts for architecture renderings in Midjourney?

Common mistakes include being too ambiguous or specific, using biased language or assumptions, providing incomplete information, and creating overly long prompts.

How can the architecture style and architect’s name improve the quality of renderings in Midjourney?

Mentioning a specific architect or architecture style helps the AI to replicate specific shapes and materials, making the rendering more detailed and tailored to the desired style.

prompt guide

What is the significance of using Midjourney V5 or V5.1 for advanced users?

Using the latest versions, such as V5 or V5.1, offers advanced users more refined and high-quality rendering outputs compared to older versions.

prompt guide

How does changing the architect’s name in a prompt affect the outcome of the rendering?

Changing the architect’s name alters the architectural style, facade, and materials in the rendering, leading to a significant contrast in the outcome that reflects the selected architect’s distinct style.

Can you combine the styles of two architects in a single prompt in Midjourney? What is the outcome?

Yes, you can combine the styles of two architects in a single prompt, which results in a unique and impressive blend of both architectural styles.

prompt guide

What role does the rendering style play in architecture renderings in Midjourney?

The rendering style influences the visual quality and aesthetic of the output, with different styles producing outputs akin to those created for design competitions or specific architectural visualizations.

How does specifying the lighting in prompts affect landscape design renderings in Midjourney?

Specifying the lighting in landscape design prompts significantly impacts the final outcome, influencing the mood, visibility, and overall perception of the rendered landscape.

prompt guide

What is the purpose of using the term ‘axonometric’ in prompts for architecture models in Midjourney?

Including ‘axonometric’ in prompts indicates the desire for an axonometric view, which provides a three-dimensional representation of the model, aiding in the comparison and understanding of spatial relationships.

How can the Niji version benefit master plan renderings in Midjourney?

The Niji version can give master plan renderings a lighter and clearer look, almost like a Photoshop rendering, resulting in cleaner images with less bold colors and more refined details.

Why is it recommended to keep prompts simple and clear in Midjourney?

Simple and clear prompts help the AI understand the desired outcome better, leading to more accurate and focused renderings, whereas complex or vague prompts can result in less precise or relevant outputs.

Complete Content

Welcome to an immersive exploration of high-quality architectural and landscape design renderings with Midjourney. This video journey reveals the pivotal role that well-crafted prompts play in producing stunning visuals. Our host, a seasoned expert in the realm of digital design, unveils sophisticated Midjourney prompt strategies and formulas, empowering viewers to excel in crafting lighting, composition, and distinct architectural styles.

Kicking off with an insightful critique of common pitfalls in prompt crafting, such as lack of clarity or excessive specificity, the video transitions into an introduction of Midjourney V5. This latest iteration offers a significant leap forward for creators seeking to elevate their digital art. The heart of the video lies in its groundbreaking approach to prompts—a fusion of architectural styles with the names of legendary architects, providing AI with the essential direction to emulate these styles with precision.

Key takeaways from the video include:

Employing succinct and effective prompt guide for architecture and landscape design to articulate the desired aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the masters of the field.

A vivid showcase of the dramatic differences in renderings when exploring styles attributed to architects like Bjarke Ingels or Peter Zumthor.
Innovative techniques for boosting creativity by blending archetypes and introducing nuanced details, breathing life into your architectural and landscape visions.

A comprehensive guidebook curated by the host, featuring 28 celebrated architectural styles complemented by exemplary images, an invaluable resource for Midjourney enthusiasts.

Mastering various architectural and landscape rendering techniques, with practical advice on prompting for landscape design and executing intricate master plans with AI.

A visual treat of real-world examples and comparative analyses, highlighting the profound impact of precise prompts on artistic interpretations.

The video elegantly demonstrates the versatility of Midjourney, seamlessly transitioning from exterior design to interior design while maintaining stylistic coherence. It also emphasizes the transformative power of strategic lighting prompts, offering viewers a nuanced understanding of how minute details can dramatically alter the final visual narrative.

In the video’s finale, the host delves into the boundless potential of AI in the future of visual content creation, urging viewers to continually experiment and expand the horizons of AI’s capabilities.

In essence, this video is not just a sophisticated tutorial on harnessing Midjourney for architectural and landscape design; it’s also a call to action to fully embrace the creative potential of AI for producing intricate and detailed visual masterpieces.