How Generative AI Can Help with Digital Marketing

How Generative AI Can Help with Digital Marketing?

Have You Ever Thought About Using AI-Generated Images?

The fact is that artificial intelligence is increasingly revolutionizing the field of editing and art creation. This is achieved through modern tools and resources that speed up productions previously only possible manually, bringing improvements in images, time savings, and greater creative flexibility.

With this, AI, through efficient software and algorithms, creates new designs, sketches, illustrations, and artworks that can be useful for your business. In this article, we will show the main advantages of using this tool in your professional demands and answer some common questions. Curious? Then check it out below!

Advantages of Using AI-Generated Images

Curious about the greatest benefits of artificial intelligence for your professional projects? Check out the details below!

More Possibilities to Explore

To start, AI allows for various possibilities to be explored without necessarily being an expert in editing. This is where PromeAI comes in, as instead of working long hours on a single edit, with just a few commands, you will have thousands of results.

This image generator features a secure and entirely intuitive platform, along with exclusive resources that will enhance, improve, and completely recreate images from scratch or from your collection. It is designed for a wide variety of audiences, including architects, image or game designers, photographers, e-commerce, and even personal use.

You can render sketches, generate images from descriptions, mix your creations with unique styles, remove backgrounds from illustrations and videos, restore and perfect old photographs, and much more, all with just a few clicks.

Speed and Efficiency

The biggest advantage here is the speed and efficiency of the results. Previously, editing work required time and dedication for corrections and even manual adjustments. However, with the use of artificial intelligence, you can automate the production of small and large volumes in a short time.

This boosts productivity, especially for professionals in fields such as photography, design, and editing who want to enhance their images and videos, correct small imperfections, create sketches, improve lighting, or create a database of images for their projects.

Moreover, AI will deliver surprising results with good definitions, which is beneficial for those who work with the public and need to deliver higher visual quality to their clients.

Ease of Use

Complex or simple edits, image improvement, background removal or replacement in photos, creation from scratch, and a complete catalog for projects and advertising are all possible with AI, which is not only efficient but also simple to use.

You only need to describe the command in a short text or upload the image or video in question for enhancements and personalization. In just a few seconds, the artificial intelligence will analyze the commands and deliver the result.

Additionally, Prome.Ai has a very active community and thousands of unique and creative models to inspire you, making it easier to meet your professional demands.

Cost Reduction

Another very attractive benefit is the AI’s ability, through its algorithms and exclusive tools, to generate thousands of images in a short time, which would be impossible manually. This is excellent for entrepreneurs and freelancers who work with large volumes of demands and seek a complete portfolio for their repetitive tasks.

Furthermore, you can reduce production costs, as it will not be necessary to hire several editing professionals or artists. You also do not need to be an expert to work with AI, allowing any user to create unique images and videos or personalized sketches that are free from copyright issues for use.

About AI Image Generation

Now that you have discovered the major benefits of artificial intelligence for creating your art, how about addressing some common questions on the subject? See below!

How to Generate an AI Image Without Difficulty?

In short, you just need an electronic device—be it a cell phone, tablet, notebook, or others—that allows access to artificial intelligence through desktop, iOS, or Android to generate the images. There is no need for powerful processors or displays; everything is done through textual commands or uploads of the images and videos that need alterations.

AI image generators generally have an accessible and straightforward interface. Thus, in an instant, you create personalized artworks and visual representations, in addition to sketch improvements. 

Where Can AI-Generated Images Be Used?

Artificial intelligence, with its efficient algorithm and extensive data, is suitable for a range of areas such as advertising, visual arts, and entertainment. We have various styles, realistic images, animations, unique traits, and tools for personalization and photo enhancement.

You can create sketches for your design projects, use professional and improved images for advertising, a portfolio with AI-created models, create 3D images, inspirations for photographers, automate repetitive tasks, and even share new artworks on social media.

Do AI-Generated Images Have Copyright?

The use of images produced by artificial intelligence has increasingly raised complex issues, such as the attribution of copyright to creations and artworks. In Brazil, we do not have legal regulations in the field of AI art authorship.

Thus, attention is needed regarding the generator used, especially for images to be used on social media, e-commerce, or advertising. Platforms like Prome.Ai have a powerful software system for creating unique images and videos that cannot be attributed to AI as the technological author.

Additionally, there are services focused on improving images and videos, such as background removal, specific object removal, definition enhancement, sketch creation from drafts, and other tools to enhance your own artworks.

Is It Ethical to Use AI-Generated Images?

Currently, there are various debates about the use of artificial intelligence in creating art, images, photographs, and videos. In short, it is indeed possible to operate AI ethically, provided it is done responsibly and not used to distort or harm an individual or group of people.

However, there is also concern about the misuse of this tool and the need for regulation to ensure transparency. Therefore, it is a topic that requires careful consideration of both the benefits of AI for professionals and common users, and the potential risks of unchecked use.

Learn More About AI-Generated Images and Ease Your Work!

In this article, you learned about all the benefits of AI-generated images for your demands and professional tasks. From sketch creation, a portfolio with thousands of images for your projects, to enhancements and improvements in photos and artworks, artificial intelligence will make your routine easier!

Prome.Ai is the ideal platform for those who want to explore a wide variety of tools for their visual proposals, all from simple commands and instant results. We hope this article was helpful and that you unleash your imagination by using AI as an ally in your creations!