LTX Studio – New AI Video That Does Everything!

LTX Studio's Introduction


The video unveils the latest advancements in AI-powered creative tools and platforms. It introduces LTX Studio, a holistic platform that solves challenges faced in creating AI-generated films and videos, offering features like text-to-video generation, shot editing, dialogue and sound integration, and auto-editing. Updates to platforms like Pika and Runway, enabling lip-syncing and motion brush enhancements, are also discussed. Notably, Google’s Genie, a text-to-2D game generator trained on game footage, showcases the potential for unsupervised learning in AI-powered content creation.

LTX Studio: New AI Video That Does Everything!


LTX Studio's Mindmap

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In a recent video, the host introduced viewers to LTX Studio, a new all-inclusive AI video platform by Lightricks. The platform is designed to address the challenges of producing longer-form AI films and videos by incorporating various external requirements into a single interface. The host, who had early access to LTX Studio, showcased various features through the video, which began with impressive text-to-video examples.

The video highlighted the platform’s camera controls, including the ability to track in toward a subject, such as a villain, indicating that users can direct camera movements within LTX Studio. A significant feature demonstrated was the ability to edit and repopulate shots. For instance, when the prompt was changed from a futuristic space drama to a New York City courtroom drama, the shots automatically adjusted to match the new theme.

Another remarkable aspect of LTX Studio is its on-platform timeline management for music, dialogue, and sound effects. This means users don’t need to generate these elements externally and can handle everything within the platform.

The video also demonstrated additional capabilities such as storyboarding, which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire film, and the flexibility to insert and rearrange shots. Furthermore, LTX Studio includes casting features that ensure consistency in character appearances and allows for custom title cards.

Camera movement controls within LTX Studio were shown, offering users options to adjust horizontal, vertical, pan, roll, and zoom movements. Auto-editing is another noted feature, which can help sync dialogue, sound effects, and music.

As for the user interface, the presenter clarified that what was shown in their sizzle reel did not reflect the actual UI of LTX Studio, yet provided insight into the real UI, which they preferred over a more flashy presentation.

The video wrapped up with the mention of a scripting tool within LTX Studio that can generate entire storylines, though users still have the option to write their own.

Adjacent to LTX Studio, updates to other platforms were discussed, such as Pika’s new lip sync feature for AI-generated videos. Issues such as AI voice quality and facial detection for syncing were addressed with humor and practical advice.

The host also touched on Runway’s new feature for image control, demonstrating its utility in famous cinematic techniques, and mentioned the bold claim from Runway’s CEO that their outputs would soon surpass those of a competitor, Sora.

Lastly, the host mentioned Genie by Google, a text to 2D game generator trained on extensive hours of video game footage, capable of creating simple games from text or images.

Overall, the video excitedly conveyed the rapid progress in AI video technology and the plethora of tools becoming available to creators in this domain, encouraging them to continue innovating daily with what’s accessible. The call to action for the audience was to sign up for Early Access to these emerging platforms and to hone their skills in AI video production.


What is LTX Studio and who developed it?

LTX Studio is a new AI video platform developed by Light Tricks. It’s designed as a holistic platform to solve various challenges in creating longer form AI films or videos, integrating external requirements under one roof.

What makes LTX Studio unique compared to other platforms?

LTX Studio distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive tools for AI film and video creation, including camera controls, editable shots, and on-platform music, dialogue, and sound effects, making it a one-stop solution.

LTX Studio

What are some of the key features of LTX Studio?

Key features include text-to-video conversion, camera control, storyboard view, consistent character casting, lighting adjustments, title card generation, and auto editing for dialogue, sound effects, and music.

LTX Studio

How can users access LTX Studio early?

Users can gain early access to LTX Studio by using a special link provided by the video’s presenter, who received early access as a partner through Light Tricks.

Can LTX Studio generate an entire script for a film?

Yes, LTX Studio can write and generate an entire storyline and script for you, but it also allows users the flexibility to write their own storylines if they prefer.