How to Master AI-Enhanced Image Editing with Adobe Outcropping?

Adobe Outcropping


Kristina from SharkPixel has unveiled a groundbreaking new feature for Photoshop, termed “Outcropping,” alongside the innovative Generative Fill capability. This AI-driven tool revolutionizes image editing by leveraging machine learning to fill in missing variations and seamlessly adjust the aspect ratio of images. With the introduction of Outcropping in Photoshop’s public beta version 24.6, users can expect a significant shift in the way they edit images, saving time and effort while maintaining high-quality outcomes.


The feature is designed to enhance the editing experience, offering a more intuitive and efficient approach to image manipulation. “Outcropping” highlights the feature’s ability to extend beyond the traditional boundaries of image editing, providing users with a cutting-edge tool for their creative endeavors. This update is poised to redefine the standards of digital image processing, making Photoshop an even more powerful ally for designers and photographers alike.

How to Extend Background in Photoshop using Generative Fill and Outcropping


A new tool in Adobe Photoshop that uses AI to generate content and change the aspect ratio of images seamlessly.


Adobe, a leader in creative software, integrates AI across its Creative Cloud suite to enhance user experience and streamline design processes. Through tools like Adobe Firefly, the company enables users to generate images from text, apply styles, and create digital experiences with generative AI, pushing the boundaries of creativity and efficiency.


Generative Fill

Generative Fill is an AI-powered feature that expands images by intelligently generating content to fill in missing areas, providing seamless and contextually appropriate extensions. This technology leverages machine learning models to understand and replicate the visual language of the original image, creating smooth transitions and maintaining the artistic integrity of the work.


How can users access the new features announced by Adobe?

Users can access the new features by downloading or updating the public beta version of Photoshop through their Creative Cloud app, specifically looking for version 24.6.


What is the significance of the contextual taskbar in Photoshop?

The contextual taskbar in Photoshop provides users with AI-generated tools based on the current selection or task. It adapts to the user’s actions and offers relevant options for editing and enhancing images.

How does the ‘Generative Fill’ option work in the new Photoshop feature?

The ‘Generative Fill’ option works by using AI and machine learning to analyze the lighting, coloration, foreground, mid-ground, and background of an image. It then generates three different options for users to fill in selected areas, creating seamless and realistic extensions of the image content.


What are the benefits of using the ‘Outcropping’ feature for image editing?

The ‘Outcropping’ feature allows for quick and seamless adjustments to the aspect ratio and content of images without the need for manual editing. It saves time and effort, producing professional results with minimal input.


How can users switch between the different ‘Generative Fill’ options?

Users can switch between the different ‘Generative Fill’ options by using the left and right arrow keys in the contextual taskbar or by accessing the variations in the properties window.

What is the specific application of the new feature?

The specific application discussed in the video is creating 9 by 16 vertical images for the front of the user’s Instagram reel. The new feature helps in generating these images more efficiently and with better results compared to manual editing.

What is the creator’s opinion on the new Photoshop features?

The creator is very excited and positive about the new Photoshop features. They believe it is a game-changer that will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of image editing, and they are eager to see how other users will utilize these features.


Outcropping, a groundbreaking feature introduced by Adobe, has revolutionized the realm of image editing by integrating AI technology to extend the capabilities beyond traditional limits. This innovative tool, alongside the Generative Fill capability, allows users to seamlessly adjust the aspect ratio and fill in missing parts of an image with content that is intelligently generated and contextually appropriate.

The feature’s ability to maintain the artistic integrity and visual language of the original image while creating smooth transitions has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of image editing. With the contextual taskbar and the AI-generated options, users can now achieve professional results with minimal effort, saving time and enhancing their creative endeavors. The public beta version 24.6 of Photoshop, which includes Outcropping, has set a new standard for digital image processing, making it an even more powerful ally for designers and photographers.