LibAI Lab Wins Best of Show Award at 2023 Visual 1st!

visual 1st

LibAI Lab, the technical team behind PromeAI, recently participated in the Visual 1st: Annual Conference held in San Francisco and won the Best of Show Award.

LibAI Lab Wins Best of Show Award at 2023 Visual 1st

Visual 1st is a leading industry conference globally, aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration within the photo and video ecosystem. The conference attracted numerous executives and entrepreneurs from photo and video software/app companies, photo printing product providers, camera manufacturers, photo/video social media companies, stock media companies, and more. Notable companies in attendance included Adobe, Shutterstock, Google Photos, Intel, Fujifilm, Freepik, and others.

LibAI Lab's founder & CEO attending the Visual 1st conference

Visual 1st is a 1.5-day conference held annually in San Francisco, bringing together audiences from various fields, with approximately 40% of attendees being international. LibAI Lab was invited to participate in this conference and had the privilege of taking part in the AI Image Creation panel.

visual 1st

During the event, LibAI Lab’s image generation platform, PromeAI, and image editing platform,, left a profound impression on the organizers and all attendees with their powerful capabilities. Among hundreds of participating companies, LibAI Lab stood out and won the only first prize at the conference.

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