An Interview with Director Vladimir Raksha on Enabling Artistry with AI Technology (1)

Vladimir Raksha with PromeAI

This is the first installment of our ‘What Users Say’ series, and today we have the pleasure of hosting Vladimir Raksha as our special guest. Vladimir Raksha is an internationally renowned film director, producer, screenwriter, and independent artist.
First and foremost, Vlad congratulates us on our thriving business and development and extends his well wishes to all our viewers.

1. How to utilize PromeAI in your work?

Vlad is currently actively using PromeAI in several aspects of his work, including the rendering of sketches, storyboards, and backgrounds. However, he believes that its potential extends beyond these applications. He envisions PromeAI being employed for the creation and rendering of 3D models and other assets crucial for film and television production, including concept development.

As a member of the PromeAI team, I find this suggestion highly reasonable and aligned with our ongoing development plans. I will relay his recommendation to our technical department, as we consider incorporating PromeAI into VFX and other filmmaking processes in the future, similar to how Runway assisted in completing the movie ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’.

Here is a video showcasing Vlad’s workflow and a completed project. We are extremely grateful to have such dedicated users, and Vlad himself has documented how he utilizes PromeAI:

2. What are Vlad’s impressions of using PromeAI in his work?

Vlad has personally shared his positive experiences of incorporating PromeAI into his creative process. Currently, PromeAI is not directly applied as an all-in-one solution in his work but rather requires collaboration with other software tools. Vlad has graciously provided several links to showcase how PromeAI is integrated into his pipeline, and we will explore these shared works in detail below. However, he does not underestimate the significance of websites in his work, specifically highlighting the invaluable role of PromeAI in rendering and enhancing artistic components.

In his description of his work, Vlad also mentions a crucial aspect. He states, “It becomes evident that there exists a plethora of use cases, with one unchanging criterion: precise control over the final output, contingent upon the provision of accurate source data. Regrettably, most networks currently available on the market fall short in delivering such precision.”

Indeed, this aligns with our continuous pursuit of achieving more accurate results. Presently, AI tools may predominantly serve as outputs for creative concepts. However, with the advancement of algorithms and the availability of high-quality data, we are confident that the future will yield a greater production of high-quality assets that meet the desired requirements.

3. How to Improve Output Results?

Vlad provided some suggestions on how to improve output results. Firstly, he emphasized the importance of collaboration with other software. He stated, “The key lies in integrating the algorithm with other tools. By incorporating it as a foundational element within our Pipeline, accounting for approximately 40-60% of our workflow, we can effectively generate a wide range of products, including animation, film, and design.”

In essence, this means that relying solely on a single website or tool is insufficient to achieve optimal results. Collaborating with other tools is necessary to enhance effectiveness and expand application across various industries, rather than being limited to a conceptual tool. In terms of broader industry applications, they even suggested combining it with backdrops, stating, “Moreover, we have extended our expertise to creating customized backdrops for LED shoots.”

The combination of multiple functionalities may be required to achieve optimal results. He believes that the ideal outcome is attained by utilizing a combination of all the available instruments provided by PromeAI. However, it is essential to demonstrate to users how to effectively combine these instruments, as it may not be intuitively clear at first glance, despite the immense potential they offer. Additionally, we will continue to invite guest experts to explore the integration of suitable tools into a cohesive workflow, aiming to enhance efficiency.

He provides a practical example from user operations: “By leveraging the algorithm’s ability to render multiple pictures, it becomes possible to work exclusively within the platform and create an entire product without relying on third-party software packages.”

4. Users and Developers – Two Collaborative Components

Practical user operations bring forth additional combinations and possibilities for the functionality:
In a rather surprising discovery, it has been found that the “Image Variation” tool within PromeAI possesses the ability to upscale images, albeit with minor alterations and not absolute precision.

While this particular functionality may not have been originally intended for image enhancement, it proves to be remarkably suitable for such purposes. Additionally, Vlad has implemented an image “stitching” technique along the contours, resulting in enhanced details that are well-suited for animation and 2D modeling.
This implies that developers are not necessarily more proficient than users in utilizing the tools. For instance, prior to this revelation, we had not considered this particular use case, nor had we anticipated the involvement of our tools in the workflow of film production.

Different Perspectives of Users and Developers: Vlad believes that there is a substantial gap in users’ awareness regarding the extensive range of applications that the PromeAI algorithm can offer within their production pipelines. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a professional feedback mechanism with users, such as providing user guides or optimizing user experience, to ensure that our functionality is effectively integrated into their workflows.

This conclusion was reached based on several illustrative examples that significantly deviate from the typical showcases presented on social media platforms.


5. Future Plans

In the foreseeable future, he plans to embark on a macumentary series centered around non-existent artifacts, creating it entirely using 90% neural networks and, in particular, PromeAI (This project will heavily involve technology, but it is ultimately the creator’s inspiration and creativity that will interweave the technological aspects).

Moreover, he intends to physically produce the works of fictional artists, showcasing the deceptive nature of creativity and the approach to generating concepts for entertainment and education (In other words, not only on screens, but potentially even in the realm of real-life).

We are deeply intrigued by this project, eagerly anticipating its emergence, and wholeheartedly willing to provide any assistance, including technological expertise, to contribute to this extraordinary endeavor.

6. About Vlad

Vladimir Raksha is an internationally renowned film director, producer, screenwriter, and independent artist who has gained widespread recognition for his exceptional talent. He is particularly well-known for his collaborations with Universal Music Group UK and Island Records, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and nominations for his outstanding work.

Vlad is shooting a movie

Some of Raksha’s most acclaimed achievements include receiving both the Grand Prix Award and the Best Director Award at the Pilot Film Festival for his Original Series “Sleep With Me”, as well as receiving an award nomination for “Selfing” at the Chinese American Film Festival in Hollywood, California. Additionally, his film “A Lifetime Ago” was awarded the esteemed Special Jury Diploma at the Window to Europe Film Festival for its “originality and unique handwriting,” and was selected as the Official Closing Film at the Sputnik Over Poland Film Festival in Warsaw.

Raksha has also received notable nominations for his other works, including “Last Day Of Childhood” at the Other The Edge Film Festival and “The Black Square” at the Moscow International Film Festival. In 2014, he established Raksha World, a co-production company that specializes in creating full-length feature films, series, music videos, innovative commercials, and experimental short films. Through collaborations with partners in the UK, EU, USA, and China, Raksha World produces exceptional co-production projects that cater to audiences worldwide.

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