How to Change Background Color on Instagram Stories

change background color on Instagram stories

With the thriving development of social media, Instagram Stories have almost become synonymous with rising stars. As one of the core features of Instagram, more than half a billion out of its two billion monthly active users post stories every day, whether for brand promotion, personal display, or information sharing, Instagram Stories have become an important platform.

This requires Instagram to have great flexibility in editing and enhancing images and videos, and the setting of the background is an indispensable part of this. Users can flexibly use different colors, images, or even dynamic backgrounds according to their preferences to make the content more vivid and interesting.

The Importance of Instagram Stories

The popularity of Instagram Stories is not only due to its powerful editing features but also because users can share the details of their lives in a more intuitive and dynamic way through stories. Whether it’s brand promotion, event promotion, or personal display, Instagram Stories provide users with a wealth of expression methods.

Benefits of Changing Background Colors

Changing the background color of Instagram Stories can bring many benefits. Firstly, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of your stories. Whether it’s a solid color, gradient, or texture pattern, a new background color can improve the overall appearance of your stories, making them more pleasing to the audience. Secondly, if you use Instagram for personal branding or business promotion, trying to change the background can help maintain brand consistency.

When potential customers repeatedly experience visual cues consistent with your brand, it will enhance trust and recognition, encourage participation, and loyalty. Finally, different backgrounds can be used to segment longer stories or multiple posts, giving each part its unique identity. This helps guide the audience through the sequence of your content, while preventing information overload and allowing the audience to better grasp the structure of the story and navigate without confusion.

How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Stories

Changing the background color on Instagram Stories is a simple and practical skill. First, open the Instagram app, tap on your profile picture, or swipe right from the feed to enter the camera. Then, use the camera to take a photo or video, or select an existing photo or video from your album. Next, tap on the smiley face icon or sticker icon at the top of the screen, select the “Background” option, and then choose your preferred background style or effect. Adjust the transparency, direction, size, and position of the background to ensure it fits perfectly with your photo or video.

Instagram Story Design and Editing Dimensions

Instagram Stories are optimized for a vertical format, with dimensions of 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. This aspect ratio aligns perfectly with the full-screen displays of modern smartphones, preventing any unwanted cropping or black borders around your content.

When designing backgrounds for these Stories, it’s crucial to use images or videos that match the 1080×1920 pixel dimensions. This ensures that your backgrounds not only cover the entire screen but also maintain a high level of professionalism and visual appeal.

For advanced editing, tools like PromeAI can be utilized to adjust background colors or introduce gradients. However, it’s important to keep the 1080×1920 pixel dimensions in mind to guarantee that your final edits are fully compatible with Instagram Stories, resulting in a polished and engaging viewer experience.

Enhancing the Appeal of Instagram Stories with PromeAI

In addition to Instagram’s built-in editing features, you can also use PromeAI to further edit Instagram Stories. With PromeAI, you can easily remove the existing background and add a new one. First, open Background Diffusion and upload the photo you want to change the background of. Use the “Generate” button to instantly remove the existing background of the photo with artificial intelligence. Then, add a new background color or select a gradient to increase creativity. Use PromeAI’s extensive editing tools for custom editing. Finally, click on export and choose to download to save your newly edited photo.

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With these methods, you can customize Instagram Stories according to your personal style, add a personal touch to each photo, enhance the visual effect, strengthen brand consistency, or segment a longer story or multiple posts with different backgrounds.